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"My name is Barbara, and I am 57 years old. As far as I can remember I have suffered from chronic constipation. I was going once every 3-5 days and, unfortunately, those were my normal bathroom habits for over the last 30 years. Over that span of time, I had tried every doctor, pill, diet, holistic medicine and home remedy I could get a hold of, but nothing really worked. When a good friend of mine told me about Maurice and his method of healing last April, I jumped at the opportunity. After the first session, I had greatly improved; and after the 2nd. session, I was completely healed! I can now go to the bathroom daily every morning like clockwork. I never in my wildest dreams thought this could be my new reality. Thank you so much Maurice for what you do."

"I am so excited that I wanted to update my testimonial, 6 months later after my first healing. Vacation had always been a time for fun, but also for a lot of stress, because travel guaranteed I’d have stomach problems (constipation). I just went to Greece with my husband for a month, experimented with different foods, probably did not drink the amount of water I usually do at home, and did not have a single stomach problem! I had left for vacation without the bunch of medicine that I normally take, with the faith that I would be ok, and guess what? I was, so I just had to share the good news!"

Rosarito, Mexico

"Nearly 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis, no cure. I was quickly given a pyramid of drugs including biologics and steroids that I often wondered which was worse. The medications have not been successful and I was at great loss, as my body was deteriorating from the side effects of the drugs and disease. Over these years, I have had so many more diagnoses, that they just called it rheumatoid disease, my health only declined. After working with Mauricio for only a few weeks, I began weaning off the drugs, I no longer identify with this disease, even my blood work shows extreme improvement. It was as if, he held the key to open my heart that unlocked the power of healing. I am overjoyed to be on a path of wellness, with Mauricio, as my guide! Forever, grateful... "

Chicago, Illinois

"Maurice is amazing! My daughter felt so calm. She actually fell asleep for a few minutes in the hospital during the healing. She's had so much anxiety and fluctuation as her body stabilizes from an incident that affected her heart and entire system. His call helped tremendously. She felt articulate when speaking with him - she's been struggling with finding words and speaking. She felt the tingling in her chest and overall felt much better. Sending appreciation and hugs. Thank you!"

Los Angeles, California

"I had been suffering for three months when a relative of mine suggested that I contact Maurice Correa. I was a complete mess! On May 2017, I went to the doctor for a simple complaint and the doctor sent me for complex tests. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, a tumor of 2.5 ml. in the left side of the abdomen, and a mass in the small intestine in the right side, which used to get inflamed and gave me a lot of pain in the stomach/intestine area most of the time, especially after trying to eat anything. I also had constant vaginal bleeding that could not be stopped by doctors or medicines regardless of the diagnosis, giving me severe anemia, and felt completely weak and out of energy all the time. After the first healing, the bleeding stopped completely, and the day after the second healing, the doctors sent me to get some tests done so I could start treatment. To my and the doctors complete surprise, all the tests came back negative. The cancer, tumor, and problem in the stomach/intestine were gone! Neither the doctors nor I could believe it. My energy came back and now I can function normally. I am still recovering, but what a difference! I thank God for sending me the energy and Maurice. He changed my life completely!"

Miami, Florida

"I am in gratitude and awe of Mauricio's healing sessions and conversations. His pure kindness and unconditional love has helped me let go of fear and negativity, providing a safe place for me to surrender and awaken myself to all the beauty that surrounds us. The techniques for breathing and "melting like chocolate" allows relaxation and openness to my own healing nature! I am more conscious, and I am abundantly open to love more and be well. I highly recommend Mauricio to anyone who is open to being well, he has pure empathy and intentions! Thank you for inviting me to join your tribe!"

Chicago, Illinois

"I was referred to Maurice by a friend of mine and to be honest I was very hesitant about the whole process. I am 33 years old and have been diagnosed with SLE lupus, valley fever, shrinking lung syndrome, antiphosolipid antibodies and lung hypertension. My health started to decline at 24 and had just gotten worse and worse so Maurice was my last hope after trying every pill, treatment or diet. I decided to keep an open mind and I’m sure glad I did. Be prepared to do some major soul searching. This is by far the hardest process I’ve ever gone through but the most rewarding. I’m using the techniques Maurice has taught me to heal myself. I felt like I had no control of my health or body before meeting him and now I have that control back. I would highly recommend Maurice to anyone suffering from any type of health issues. I can never repay him for the knowledge he has passed on to me."

San Diego, California

"I met Maurice after becoming pregnant with triplets. Our babies were born premature and omitted to the NICU about 1 month. During this time I’ve call on Maurice many times to help with communication, healing and connection with the babies in an atmosphere that makes you feel helpless and lost. The healing affect was so incredible and distinct there was no question he had the ability to help my pure/innocent little beings during a time of great struggle and transition. I still rely on his assistance as we have found ourselves in a crazy whirlwind of life with 3 babies. Peace of mind is precious when circumstances make you feel helpless. I trust him, appreciate him, and know his gift works. "

Encinitas, California

"I had to take my 92-year old mother to emergency two months ago because she was feeling very weak and all she wanted to do was sleep. With her heart history and age, I could not take any chances. The doctors checked her out, kept her in the hospital for a couple of days doing tests, and then released her and sent her for other numerous tests. For the next two weeks, I took her from one appointment to the next to either get a test or to receive the results of a test with a specialist. All doctors said that she did not have anything wrong with her but my mother continued to feel extremely week and had no energy to do anything. Then I contacted Maurice who did a couple of healings at night when my mother was sleeping. After the second session, my mother woke up feeling fine and full of energy. She could not believe that the weakness was gone all of the sudden without taking any medicines at all. Maurice has healed me, my mother, a niece that was severely sick, and the number keeps growing. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to Maurice."

Medellin, Colombia

"I contacted Maurice because I had been struggling with a knee for more than a year. Although I had been doing all the doctors wanted me to do plus aqua aerobics to fortify the knee, I could not walk normally and the knee gave me sharp pains every once in a while. I also asked him if he could do something about the migraine headaches that I suffered from regularly all my life and some personal and emotional issues. By combining healing sessions and some lengthy conversations about life, Maurice taught me how to heal myself so I am not dependent on him or anyone else. I am now able to walk normally, and my migraines are gone. When I feel that a migraine is starting or I get any type of pain in the body, I practice the exercises that Maurice taught me and the pain is gone in minutes. I am not sure what he did to me, but I feel completely fulfilled and happy as if I were in another dimension. Nothing can disturb me at the moment. Life is just beautiful and colorful. What a feeling!"

Medellin, Colombia

"I just wanted to give a shout out to Maurice. As you know, I was worried about my dog Harley, who is 2, and he didn't want to walk because of great pain and our vet thought he needed a possible hip replacement. I decided to do an alternative method to healing, energy healing, rather than surgery. From the first time that Maurice worked on Harley, he immediately had more pep in his step. As the time went on and Maurice continued in sending his energy healing Harley would have good days and bad days. Two days ago, he ran up the hill! That is exceptional! The next day he walked a mile! Today his energy in increasing and he went on a longer walk in the morning than we have done in the past 6 months. I think truly he is on the mend to complete recovery! I think Maurice's energy healing has helped Harley immensely and I have noticed big improvements. Keep it up! Maurice is now the dog healer!"

"Also, at the same time I was suffering from very bad dental pain. As he was meditating over Harley, unbeknownst to me, he was seeking treatment for me. He asked me after how my teeth were. It was immediate. No pain! I had totally forgotten I had any pain at all. Amazing!"

Encinitas, California

"My name is Roberto. I am a 54 year old acupuncturist doctor, who has been training in martial arts since 1979. Maurice Correa was my first martial arts teacher, teaching me discipline, patience and perseverance, which are the three pillars that have allowed me to form and develop in this modern world. Since last year, Maurice has been helping me to develop spiritually, showing me the true meaning of life and allowing me to travel towards myself and be more harmonized with Heaven, Earth and all Living Beings, which has improved my happiness. Thank you Master!"

Roberto R.H., M.D., ALc.
Medellin, Colombia

"Maurice, I want to express to you how very happy I have been with the two healings that you have done for me, the one that you did for me here in Medellin for the knee, which I never felt any discomfort with the knee after the healing; and the last one that you did for me remotely from San Diego for the pain in the left leg and in the ribs, which did the trick. The pain in the ribs decreased by 90%, and I have not felt any discomfort in the leg. I feel lighter and more encouraged because I do not have that permanent discomfort in my leg that bothered me some while walking, I have already returned to my walks in the morning. All this I owe to you, and I really think that you have done a very good job on me. I really believe in you and admire you very much for your vocation and dedication. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Medellin, Colombia

"My dog, Ziggy, had hurt his back and I was doing everything I could to help him. His sad little face, looking at me to help, was heartbreaking. I had taken him to the vet that offered anti-inflammatories and pain killers and recommended crating him for 4 weeks. I did this temporarily, but keeping him immobile and medicated is not the solution I wanted. I took him to a chiropractor, which helped significantly but he was still in pain. Although he was improving he seemed to be having a set back and was lying on the sofa, whimpering when he moved. That is when I contacted Maurice and he immediately did a session on him. During the session Ziggy was peaceful and appeared to sleep, after which he did not whimper when he moved. He seemed happier and was even hungry and wanting to go out. Ziggy did a couple more treatments and now is running, digging and happy again. Of all the things I tried for Ziggy he seemed to get the most relief from the treatments with Maurice."

San Diego, California

"I entered the journey with Maurice with no expectations. I was suffering from medical issues that have since been related to stress and Maurice suggested that he could help me. Since that day we have met regularly once a week for the past three months and my life has improved in leaps and bounds. Not that I know everything, I still have much to learn but the work has been rich, rewarding and life changing. I would highly recommend anyone considering working with Maurice to jump at the chance and dive right in. With his help, your path will be illuminated and stress will melt away. Thank you Maurice and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday as usual!!"

Carlsbad, California